Empowering Collaboration: Highlights from our Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

We held our first hybrid BioFAIR Stakeholder Engagement Workshop alongside the ELIXIR-UK All Hands in Norwich on Wednesday 8th November. 

The event was attended by over 40 people from both the ELIXIR community and beyond.  As well as an update from Gerry Reilly, our Interim Director, on progress on BioFAIR and the business case, the attendees discussed four key topics

  • Where should we start? Which services are ready and could drive early value and adoption?
  • How should BioFAIR work with the research performing organisation’s digital infrastructures to adopt our commons?
  • What are the barriers to culture change?
  • How can BioFAIR best engage the wider bioscience/ life science communities, i.e. the long tail of researchers / those not in the room. [democratise access]

This was a great start to ensuring BioFAIR addresses the needs of the Life Sciences research community. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion.

It is however, just a start!  In the spring of 2024, we will be organising a roadshow of further workshops across the UK.  Please sign up to our mailing list here>> to stay connected with details of these workshops.  If you might be interested in helping us host a workshop in your area, please Contact Us>>